WOW! I’m a Citrix CTP Awardee! 2

Last week I got a very surprising email with the following title: Congratulations on receiving the Citrix Technology Professional Award!

Wait,    What??    Awesome!!

CTP Program, what is it?

The CTP Program recognizes the contributions of individuals who have invested a significant amount of time and resources to become experts in Citrix products and solutions. The wealth of knowledge they have developed – and more importantly, openly shared – has proven invaluable to the Citrix technology community.  These individuals have consistently demonstrated their real-world knowledge by:

  • Sharing insights on web sites and contributing to online discussions (e.g. Citrix forums, Citrix Developer Network)
  • Creating or fostering active communities of Citrix users (e.g. Citrix User Groups, Community Verified Citrix Compatibility)
  • Publishing technical documentation, articles, or books
  • Offering technical expertise in the field
  • Speaking at IT conferences

Where the program started

Back in 2006 Citrix started the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) community program. 11 great people joined the program led by Brad Nunn: Brain Madden, Jeroen van de Kamp, Rick Dehlinger, Ron Oglesby, Jeff Pitsch, Douglas Brown, Shawn Bass, Bernhard Tritsch, Stefan Vermeulen, Thomas Koetzing and Rick Mack.


Over the last couple of years more great people got awarded with the CTP award. Unfortunately some people had to leave the program too.

My nomination to join the CTP program started in 2013. Last year the nomination was updated while daily job is focused on a special range of Citrix products (XenMobile, ShareFile and NetScaler). Even for the CTP program Enterprise Mobility Management and Enterprise File Synchronization & Sharing is a relative new market.


This is a very important milestone in my professional career. I will join the CTP program together with 10 other new members:


This will bring the total number of CTP members on only 50 people worldwide. Congrats to all of you, something to be proud of!!

I’m looking forward to coming year, first of course i will continue my work at PQR. Besides that there will be monthly meetings with the CTP group. Several face-to-face meetings during the year. And hopefully I can bring some technical presentations at various national and international events too.


Last but not least I HAVE to thank a lot of people for their support in the last years:

– My employer and colleagues at PQR
– My Family
– Current and previous CTP members
– Perrine Crampton
– Brad Nunn
– Citrix

More information on the CTP Program:

2 thoughts on “WOW! I’m a Citrix CTP Awardee!

  1. Reply Vaqar Hasan Feb 10,2015 3:12 pm

    Congrats Anton

  2. Reply David Haugli Oct 19,2015 9:30 am

    You deserved it your articles and guides are very good! Well done!

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