Quick Win: Get XenMobile High Available

Quick Win: Get XenMobile High Available
baca This blogpost is based on a article that i wrote for the Citrix User Group Community:  https://www.mycugc.org/blog/xenmobile-clustering Before XenMobile 10 Mobile Device Management software was installed on a Windows Server. Mobile Application Management software was based on a Linux appliance also called the App Controller. Since XenMobile 10 there is no separate software for Mobile ...

Easy NetScaler Gateway 11 Portal Customization 28

Easy NetScaler Gateway 11 Portal Customization
This week Citrix released the new NetScaler 11 firmware. This firmware contains a lot of new features and improvements. One of these new features is “Portal Customization”. We all run into this in the passed, how do I change the boring DEFAULT blue/black or with NetScaler 10.x the GreenBubble theme? How do I change the Password 2 ...

Citrix mid-2015 Product Updates

Citrix mid-2015 Product Updates
This week Citrix released a lot of product updates. These updates were all anounced during Citrix Synergy 2015 in Orlando. This blogpost will give you a short overview on the updated products. NetScaler ADC 11 Key features: Unified Gateway, Admin Partitions, Portal Customization and EULA, Media classification support, Support for TLS protocol version 1.1 and 1.2, Call Home for ...

Getting Started with XenMobile 10

Getting Started with XenMobile 10
At Citrix Summit 2015 XenMobile 10 was announced with 325 new features: http://www.citrixsummit.com/sessions-labs/keynote.html Today Citrix released XenMobile 10 (project Titan). In this blogpost I want you to give MY thoughts on what has been changed during the transition from XenMobile 9 to XenMobile 10. This blog post has the following paragraphs: History Consolidation Optimized Deployment Initial ...

WOW! I’m a Citrix CTP Awardee! 2

WOW! I'm a Citrix CTP Awardee!
Last week I got a very surprising email with the following title: Congratulations on receiving the Citrix Technology Professional Award! Wait,    What??    Awesome!! CTP Program, what is it? The CTP Program recognizes the contributions of individuals who have invested a significant amount of time and resources to become experts in Citrix products and solutions. The ...

User Certificate Authorization with Citrix NetScaler 5

User Certificate Authorization with Citrix NetScaler
Recently I implemented a Citrix NetScaler environment at a Dutch insurance company. This company uses Citrix NetScaler as a reverse proxy for various web-based applications. One of these applications is using public signed client (user) certificates. Based on the client certificate information a user will get a specific role assigned within the web app. This ...

Make your NetScaler SSL VIPs more secure 9

Make your NetScaler SSL VIPs more secure
THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN UPDATED: https://www.antonvanpelt.com/make-your-netscaler-ssl-vips-more-secure-updated Nowadays just securing your webserver with a SSL certificate isn’t secure enough. Recently the POODLE man in the middle attack makes the SSLv3 officially unsecure. I know this is not the first post written on hardening NetScaler, Neil Spelling and Marius Sandbu wrote very good articles on this topic. In this ...

ShareFile one-click User Provisioning

ShareFile one-click User Provisioning
There are various ways to create your users in ShareFile (Control Plane). One of them is creating users via the Citrix ShareFile User Management Tool (UMT). In case of a XenMobile Enterprise environment Citrix AppController is also able to create ShareFile users automatically. However, AppController bring some limitations because f.i. Active Directory groups can’t be synchronized ...

Citrix XenMobile getting started shopping list 6

Citrix XenMobile getting started shopping list
This blog is based on my presentation at Citrix Synergy, XenAppBlog.com and CUGtech. In this presentation I spoke about my personal XenMobile and ShareFile experiences from the field. You can download this presentation here: https://pqr.sharefile.eu/d/s93ebaedc2f64eadb Citrix XenMobile is available in 3 editions. XenMobile MDM Edition: mostly used for Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) devices. While ...

Getting started with XenMobile

This blogpost will contains all the getting started requirements for a XenMobile project. The checklist will be submitted this week. Citrix already offers a pre-installation checklist Stay tuned! Share this blogpost: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
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