EMM Smackdown – 2016 Update!

EMM Smackdown

As you all know we at PQR, together with the community wrote several white papers better know as a smackdown. Those white papers need to be updated to get a actual view of what is going on in each market. The latest version of the EMM smackdown can be found here:


Recently the UEM smackdown got updated which can be found here:


I spoke with my colleague Rob Beekmans who is the teamlead for updating the UEM smackdown. For updating the EMM smackdown we want to take the same approach in updating this white paper.

Refresh the term Smackdown…

Thank you Rob for keeping your blog online 🙂

One misconception about the white paper is that it’s a race, the one with the most marks wins. Although it might seem like that, it’s far from a race.

Think of the white paper as your lifeline in picking the right solution for your environment, if you don’t know which solution is able to do what, how can you choose the right one. Before this white paper or without this white paper, solutions or products are chosen because some sales guy says they are the best. Their product rocks and you need it and by the way you get a 10 no even a 15% discount.

I don’t think you should buy products with that much impact on your employees from a sales perspective, you should choose what fits your organisation best. That’s where this white paper comes into play, you set the goals we provide the matrix, you choose the one that fits you best. Don’t need security, don’t pick one with security embedded, Performance is key, check the boxes read the text and find the one that suits you.

Some people still don’t like the term smackdown that is why the updated smackdown will be named: Enterprise Mobility Management comparison white paper.

Latest version

The EMM smackdown is currently at version 2.1, created in 2014 and is far far behind. If we look at the vendors and the release numbers I can’t but realize we need to update the white paper.

The following products were part of the smackdown:

  • AirWatch by VMware
  • AppSense EMM Suite
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10
  • Citrix XenMobile
  • Cortado Corporate Server
  • Good Technology
  • IBM MaaS360
  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • MobileIron
  • Symantec Mobile Management Suite
  • VMware Horizon

Some products are not available anymore, other products / technologies were combined.

The matrix

The matrix is the most important part of the document, with checkmarks, crosses and other symbols a product feature is checked. That’s all we do, we check the feature to show if it is offered, not or partly.

Creating a smackdown or updating it, is going by the list of features and checking the marks there. Reading up on release notes, installing, looking at features, contacting vendors. It’s a fun business. …and remember, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, not in telling you it tastes great.

We need your help!

Updating those white papers, reviewing it is a huge huge task. from previous updating/creating sessions we know that it takes hours, days, weeks of your time.

So as with the UEM smackdown we are reaching out to you guys out there, we’re looking for IT cracks with knowledge of some products listed above. We got some covered but not all products are sold by PQR and therefore the knowledge is missing or rusty.

We need a small group of people really checking features and others doing fact checking. I put a mark somewhere and someone else checks if that is valid. It’s a process where we want to make sure we don’t get the marketing answer but real solid proof.

Can’t you find PQR colleagues to help you?
Sure my colleagues will put in many many hours to get this done, it’s important for us to get it updated. We are proud of these documents. However, we like the community and want to give other a chance to step out and get exposure. How cool is it to be listed as a contributor of this document and use it in a workshop or design.

What products do you sell (and have knowledge about)?
We do sell and have knowledge about VMware, Citrix and Microsoft but still reviewers are needed to validate some of those. Don’t trust our blue eyes.

If you’re interested please contact me via Twitter @AntonvanPelt or at ape@pqr.nl.

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