Make your NetScaler SSL VIPs more secure 9

Make your NetScaler SSL VIPs more secure
THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN UPDATED: Nowadays just securing your webserver with a SSL certificate isn’t secure enough. Recently the POODLE man in the middle attack makes the SSLv3 officially unsecure. I know this is not the first post written on hardening NetScaler, Neil Spelling and Marius Sandbu wrote very good articles on this topic. In this ...

ShareFile one-click User Provisioning

ShareFile one-click User Provisioning
There are various ways to create your users in ShareFile (Control Plane). One of them is creating users via the Citrix ShareFile User Management Tool (UMT). In case of a XenMobile Enterprise environment Citrix AppController is also able to create ShareFile users automatically. However, AppController bring some limitations because f.i. Active Directory groups can’t be synchronized ...

Citrix XenMobile getting started shopping list 6

Citrix XenMobile getting started shopping list
This blog is based on my presentation at Citrix Synergy, and CUGtech. In this presentation I spoke about my personal XenMobile and ShareFile experiences from the field. You can download this presentation here: Citrix XenMobile is available in 3 editions. XenMobile MDM Edition: mostly used for Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) devices. While ...

Getting started with XenMobile

This blogpost will contains all the getting started requirements for a XenMobile project. The checklist will be submitted this week. Citrix already offers a pre-installation checklist Stay tuned! Share this blogpost: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn